Episode 33 | Squatters Head Brewmaster Jason Stock

  • Jason & Connor
    The Brewing Team at Squatters Pub at 147 W Broadway, Salt Lake City Utah
  • Jason Hops Wall Art
    Jason Stock is the Hop Rising Guy - his likeness is now on the side of the building.
  • Squatters Store Front
    The store front of the Mother Ship located at 147 W Broadway, Salt Lake City Utah
  • Jason Stock
    Squatters Pub and Brewery's Head Brewmaster

Squatters Brewmaster Jason Stock is known for his love of brewing beer, however in this interview he shares more than just what he does for Squatters. He shares his journey on how he came to love beer, and how his family then and now played a part in his journey. Danielle Edwards spotlights Squatters family of beers. Brian shares his recipe for North Carolina BBQ Sauce for the 4th of July!

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Scott Duehlmeier drops in and gives us his #PDR recommendations this week via vine!!

We of course have our Drink It section where Dani shares with us her great cocktail recipes:

Drink It: Bumper Crop
Drink It: Chasing Tail


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Photo Courtesy of Flickr

North Carolina – Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce

I have spent some time in Texas, the Mid-West and the Carolina’s and by far the Carolina’s have won my heart over when it comes to BBQ sauce for Pork and Chicken.  This vinegar based BBQ prevents it from getting too clingy sweet and when thinned out, this sauce becomes and excellent mop sauce! You…

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Blackberry Jam Recipe

One of the greatest pleasures when you have your own garden is preserving what you grow for those cold winter months.  I know, it is June/July and the last thing you want to think about is being in the kitchen; I get it.  However, when your trapped in doors and you have made your family…

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