Episode 1 Eat & Drink It | El otoño mata el festival


El Otoño mata el Festival

Dani and Brian discuss this fall festival of killing otherwise known as Halloween.  They discuss their favorite Halloween memories and share some fun and exciting recipes that are easy and delicious to make:

Make: Sweet Potato & Chipotle Soup
Make: French Style Garlic Wine Chicken

Dani and Brian discuss for new cooks 10 simple things to help make your food taste better from the great folks at the America’s test Kitchen.

In Food News Brian and Dani discuss the merits of limiting food stamps, charitable giving, and What Cities are the most expensive and inexpensive to get a bite to eat.

Read: Indiana Time Limit on Food Stamps
Read: What Cities are the Most expensive and inexpensive to get a bite to eat in?

For those local eaters in Utah Dani and Brian also give tips to where they feel they get the best food for the dollar! Listen to this episode->

Listen: Music used this week on the podcast is Mon Petite Garcon by YuYu


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Downtown BBQ Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs… they are some of the most tough pieces of beef, and the most flavorful. I find that a great way to have these meat treats is to utilize low and slow cooking method via a flavorful liquids. Now our namesake is marinade, but another way to go is braising. Beef short ribs… 

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Episode 0 | Pilot Episode of Eat & Drink it Podcast

Episode 0 and this is the Pilot of Marinate Me Baby’s own podcast titled “Eat & Drink It”. We are very excited about our ability to talk with you now and share our thoughts and opinions on food! We will take you with us on our culinary journey, and share with you the sounds, and… 

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Beef Bourguignon

I have to admit that I am a lot like you.  I turn on the TV on Saturday mornings and watch cooking shows.  I do it to get inspired – as like you I have a normal 9-5 job that pays the bills and cooking is a hobby.  I enjoy a bevy of different shows… 

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Baja Fish Tacos Recipe

The first time I had a fish taco was when I was living in Las Vegas, NV in 2000.  The establishment was Rubio’s and it just opened next to my office and we walked over to the place and we were all very excited.  The Las Vegas natives, I worked with lauded the fish taco’s… 

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Green Chile Cheeseburgers

Pull up a chair, and let’s have a conversation about good simple food.  Food that is so classic, that you only have to add a couple of ingredients and you instantly have something that your friends and family will talk about for years to come.  This recipe is one of them. Now if your lucky… 

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Braised Red Potatoes with Lemon and Chives

I love the America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country series on PBS!  You too?  I really like how they take recipes that our parents had and re-invent them to today’s kitchens and ingredients.  I love how they can work on a recipe and work towards simple great flavors. This recipe is another in their installments… 

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Apple Limeade

In the depths of Summer, I am looking for anything that will help me beat the heat.  One of my favorite flavors is lime and apple juice.  This recipe fits both of those very well.  You can add different flavorings to mix this recipe up for a million different varieties. Variations: Salted the rim of… 

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