Slow Cooker Korean Beef Taco’s with Cucumber Slaw


Looking for a quick, low-maintenance dinner?  If your like me, you have two full time jobs – a parent and then the one that makes you money.  You know, the up and tumble riggers of life that pull you from the house for 10-14 hours a day? Here is a weeknight dinner idea that will… 

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Braised Chicken Taco’s Recipe

Braised Chicken Tacos #2

I find as the seasons change, my tastes change and so does my cuisine choices.  As the weather warms, I like simple proteins that are robust with vegetables and fruit.  When the weather is cool – I adore rich, stewed proteins with  a deep and robust flavor. What I adore about this recipe is, its… 

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Cantina Southwestern Grill – Layton, UT

2012-10-15 17.43.58

In the Layton Main Street, there existed several empty shells of 1980 restaurants. Sadly, these buildings when they sit empty fall into dis-repair. Mullboons’ was one of those. Mullboons was a quasi fine dining establishment that’s biggest claim to fame was a massive bowl of peal and eat shrimp that was drastically overpriced with mediocre… 

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