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Peach & Basil Grilled Chicken

One of my absolutely favorite things to do is to take a marinade preparation and turn it into a smoking masterpiece.  Peaches and Basil come together to elevate the average bird to something really special.  You can follow the recipe using a grill, or you can use an entire bird and place it on a vertical non-stick chicken roaster.  Norpro sells these for less than $8 A quick google search will yield several sources for you to acquire one of these beauties.  The wonderful thing about this product is it allows the smoke to get at the meat from...

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Fajita Marinade Recipe

Let’s face it.  Fajitas are just good eating any time of the year.  Mix in some family and friends for a Holiday – and what you have is a very inexpensive way to throw a holiday party and it cost you very little out of your own pocket. Think about it.  If you are the host you can assign virtually every component of the dish out to relatives.  This is the greatest cook and assemble dish known to man!  Ok, I might be very hungry when I wrote this post – I am guilty. All you need is a...

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Slow Cooker Sweet & Spicy BBQ Pot Roast

In September I became a Grandfather.  One of the great blessing of being PaPa (what my daughter calls me to my Grandson), is having my Daughter coming over on Wednesdays and Fridays.  It’s not quite Tuesdays with Morrie type of a deal – however, I do relish our Father / Daughter discussions.  This is where a lot of the life lessons I laid down earlier in my Daughter’s life have come back up and let me know that they were not lost or forgotten lessons.  They are actually stuck and are now being applied in her day-to-day life.  I...

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Whole Bronzini in a Mediterranean-Style

Bronzini is also known as Mediterranean sea bass.  Bronzini continues to rise in its popularity.  Here is a simple way to prepare this dish that will really change your mind about the treasures from the sea! Whole Bronzini in a Mediterranean-Style Print recipe Print with main photo Print text only Serves 4 Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 30 minutes Total time 45 minutes Allergy Fish Meal type Main Dish Misc Gourmet, Serve Hot Occasion Barbecue, Casual Party, Easter By author Emerald Lagasse Ingredients 4 Whole Bronzini (about 1 lb each, gutted, scaled with the heads left on, rinsed...

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Sonoran Hot Dogs

In Tucson, Arizona there are a myriad of roadside stands, food trucks and local restaurants feeding thousands of hungry patrons with a delicious taste treat known from the Sonoran region of Mexico.  What are they eating?  Why they are eating a bacon wrapped hot dog that is accompanied by a bevy of spicy and creamy condiments. In my mind the true Sonoran Hotdog uses a particular roll – the Torpedo.  Now you might be familiar with the Torpedo as it makes it place on several different sandwiches from different cultures.  It’s found in a Ban Mi from Vietnam, to...

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