Marinate Me Baby offers affordable meal preparation for everyone. Chef Brian Child will prepare your meal of choice in your own kitchen. Whether you have special dietary needs or just want to remove the burden of making dinner, we are here to make your life healthier and easier.

1. Select Your Service:

Marinate Me Baby offers multiple ways to meet your dietary needs.

Marinate Me Baby offers a traditional personal chef service. With this approach, we discuss specific dietary needs and personal goals in detail. We then create a custom meal plan of your liking and visit on a regular basis (typically once per week, where we make several meals). Please contact us to set up an arrangement!

Marinate Me baby offers an easy-to-use website with full meal customization and scheduling capability. The site has a wide array of meal options to choose from. Take a look at our menu to find meals for diets of all types. Want to submit your own recipe? No problem! Please email to, along with your serving size and a telephone number. Keep in mind, a side or dessert is always prepared free with your main dish order.

2. Schedule Your Meal:

For the traditional personal chef service, we will set up a schedule to provide you with regular meals. If using our website, add a meal to your cart, select the service date, and submit your payment. To prepare a recipe of your choice, email it to us and we’ll call you to process payment over the phone. Please see the table below for pricing.

Marinate Me Baby PricingPreparation FeeServingsSide or DessertIngredients
1st Meal$651 to 8 includedFree PreparationYou can provide or we can obtain them all and add reimbursement to your order, with a $25 shopping fee.
2nd Meal$651 to 8 includedFree Preparation
3rd Meal$551 to 8 includedFree Preparation
4th Meal$451 to 8 includedFree Preparation
Extra side or dessert$251 to 8 includedFree Preparation

As you can see, each meal comes with a side or dessert prepared for free. Also, you pay the same preparation fee for one serving as you do for eight. So if you order 8 servings at $65, that is just over $8 per serving!

You have the choice of providing your own ingredients or letting us get them for you, from the grocery market of your choice. If we obtain the ingredients for you, we will apply the reimbursement cost to your order, along with a $25 shopping fee.

3. Enjoy!:

Your work is finished! Chef Brian Child will arrive at your home, prepare the meal(s) in your kitchen and clean up. You can get back to spending time and energy on more important things in life!

FAQ: Please see our FAQ page for frequently asked questions addressing all of the details.

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