Atlanta Beef Brisket


It’s confession time here in the Child Family house.  I love beef brisket!  You too? There is something about it that is so satisfying, and meaty – it is probably one of the best cuts off the cow.  I could eat brisket for every meal and not get tired of it. I am serious.  Beef… 

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The Original Bacon Explosion

bacon explosion

Bacon Explosion The Bacon explosion came to be in 2008 on a BBQ blog.  It quickly gained world wide notoriety receiving more than 500,000 hits and 16,000 links to the blog.  It is at its core Primal and at its grandest, a finely tuned carnivorous Masterpiece.  My friend Scott Cowley @scottcowley first got me interested… 

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5 Dry Rub Recipes you cannot do without!


Traditionally home cooks under season their food for fear that they will ruin it.  Basic Seasoning go a long way.  I will post traditional and if possible a commercial version.  Going fresh is always the best way – HOWEVER, I am a realist here.  Sometimes we just have to buy something that will last, and… 

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