Longhorn Steakhouse – Ogden, UT


Steakhouses, yes they are pretty much my favorite type of establishments. Every culture has them, and when that beef hits the grill at that heat – my heart gets to fluttering and my tastebuds to watering. I know you you love the beef, or why else are your reading this review of a Steakhouse? It’s… 

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Bangkok Garden – Ogden, UT

2012-12-24 13.24.00

Bangkok Garden isn’t the flashy Asian dining establishment. You will notice this on entering the establishment. The location is basically adorned with decoration. However, it is very clean. The service staff, is very attentive and always trying to take care of you and ask about how your experience is going. Bangkok Garden offers a choice… 

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Brixton’s Baked Potato – Ogden, UT


Brixton’s is not the typical establishment that we normally review. Why? Well, it smacks of a franchise concept – and franchises in our mind blow. I mean you can get this stuff anywhere. Think about it, would any self respecting food critic review McDonalds? However, my wife does business with the owner – so I… 

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