Episode 1 Eat & Drink It | El otoño mata el festival


El Otoño mata el Festival http://marinatemebaby.com/Podcast/Episode%201%20-%20El%20oto%C3%B1o%20mata%20el%20festival.mp3 Dani and Brian discuss this fall festival of killing otherwise known as Halloween.  They discuss their favorite Halloween memories and share some fun and exciting recipes that are easy and delicious to make: Make: Sweet Potato & Chipotle Soup Make: French Style Garlic Wine Chicken Dani and Brian discuss for… 

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Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria – SugarHouse, Utah


Pizza really is Italy’s flatbread. All cultures have a flatbread recipe, that have filled the stomach’s of the working class inexpensively. With the introduction of the pizza to the American palate – we (American’s) have continued to pile on the toppings. We pile on the toppings, sometimes we forget just how good the basic’s are…. 

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Bonneville Brewery – Tooele, UT


I had originally reviewed Tracks and found it’s fried food, and cold atmosphere to be stand-offish. It was not surprising that Tracks met its demise. I am so glad that it did. The Bonneville Brewery is a story of renovation. This business took the old Tracks Brewing location and renovated it from a club style… 

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