Watermelon Aqua Fresca – Summer’s Bomb Beverage


I was first introduced to this beverage at a Mexican restaurant, in Ogden, UT. They had a refillable philosophy on this beverage – I think I drank no lie a gallon of the stuff. It balanced the spicy – and just kept refreshing my pallet. What I found is, it with my other summer beverage… 

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Sweet Champagne Lemonade


It’s Summer Time and it’s time to BBQ!  Do you need a refreshing, yet simple cocktail for your outdoor event?  Here is a fantastic beverage that can made for the Adults in the crowd no matter if they like it with or with out. This pairs well with chicken, pork and particularly well with hamburgers…. 

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Cherry Limeade – Just like the Pro’s


I was looking for a family friendly beverage for our New Years Eve Party we throw at the house each year. I was looking on some websites and found this wicked easy Cherry Limeade version by the Pioneer Woman of the Food TV Network. The results were pretty spot on. Note: In the recipe, I… 

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The Perfect Sweet Tea


Sweet Tea.  If you live in the Southern United States, this drink is more popular and sought after as water.  It is a staple.  The oldest recipe for dates back to a cookbook called Housekeeping in Old Virginia in 1879.  Sweet tea is typically brewed with a lower carb and calorie content that most fruit… 

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