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Balsamic Marinated Flank Steak

This balsamic marinade does double duty as it serves as a vinaigrette and a marinade. The net result is the steak takes on great flavor while it marinates overnight. This marinade comes together fast in a blender with a touch of garlic, rosemary, oregano and mustard. Balsamic Marinade Recipe: Balsamic Marinated Flank Steak 2016-10-04 17:17:40 Serves 4 Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 4 hr 30 min Cook Time 25 min Total Time 4 hr 55 min Prep Time 4 hr 30 min Cook Time 25 min Total Time 4 hr 55 min Ingredients 4 garlic cloves,...

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Sesame Ginger Sauce Marinade for Chicken

If you are here, and reading this blog then I think it’s safe to assume that you feel that marinating is an essential step to include whenever you are cooking proteins with less flavor like pork or chicken. There are some rules that are important to mention when talking about marinades. When making a Chicken Marinade: Discard the marinade that has come into contact with the chicken Reserve some of the marinades so you can use it as a sauce later Use zip-type bag to seal out the air Use and injector to inject the meat with the marinade...

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Homemade Smoked Tilapia

One of the best things about fresh tilapia is it doesn’t need a ton of seasoning and has a mild flavor. Just add a bit of kosher salt, lime pepper and a sprinkle of paprika and you will have a delicious fish dish! This firm flesh fish can hold up to longer cooking times and yields an amazing flavor when you slow roast it in the smoker. Smoked Paprika Tilapia Recipe Smoked Paprika Tilapia Recipe 2016-10-03 19:44:03 Serves 4 Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 1 hr Total Time 1 hr 15 min Prep...

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Peppery Dijon Parsley Rub for Beef Roasts

We have all done it. Looked over at that table in the restaurant and our mouth watered over that succulent prime rib that was painstakingly seasoned with peppercorns, dijon parsley and roasted to perfection. So this year, wait no more. You and I can have that same amazing prime rib at home for the Holidays without paying the bazillion dollar price tag that Morton’s or Lowery’s will charge us. This recipe is simple and yet still powerful with the perfect pairing of pepper and dijon. Peppery Dijon Parsley Rub 2016-12-27 15:09:56 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 1/4...

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Pressure Cooker Refried Spicy Beans

I feel strongly that Refried Bens should be a staple in everyone’s house. Why? Homemade beans have an extra depth of flavor, and the cooking liquid is almost as good as the beans. You may think that cooking from the dry bean just shouldn’t take so long. The pressure cooker takes the Refried Bean side dish from a Weekend Adventure to a Weeknight Dinner! The key is getting the beans done early. You do not want to be waiting on the pressure cooker while the family is already sitting at the dinner table. As soon as you get home,...

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