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Short Ribs with Mushrooms

Short Ribs with Mushrooms and Spring Vegetables Oh, my dear Heavenly Father how I do love Beef Short Ribs. If you do a simple search on the website, you will find a growing list of impressive recipes. Short ribs are one of my very favorite dinner party meals. Why? They require such little effort, I find they are inexpensive and like most things I make it is really hard to screw this up. Braising, can really do no wrong in my book. I believe that braising transforms basic cuts of meats (Pork Shoulders, Beef Chuck Roasts, Lamb Shanks) to...

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Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice

Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice I love fried rice.  When ever I go to a Benihana style Teppanyaki Japanese steak house, I make it a point to get BOTH friend noodles and their fried rice dish. I do find that most restaurants make their friend rice with generic pieces of meat. In this recipe we combine the use of both seared ground beef and sweet, Chinese sausage.  You can find a wide assortment of sausages at many mega-mart stores like Costco and Sams Club that you could substitute by using the thick cut maple-cured bacon. Here is our adaptation of...

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Perfect Pickled Beets

Perfect Pickled Beets When you eat fresh beets, you will find they are a far cry from their distant canned relative. I think they are beautiful regardless of what variety you pick to eat – golden, candy-striped, or just that classic purple. Beets are fantastic all-stars in salads. They get earthy and rich when they are roasted, and just amazing on a sandwich when they are pickled. Pickled Beets 2016-03-29 21:23:46 Yields 6 Write a review Save Recipe Print Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 1 hr Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 1 hr Ingredients 3 pounds beets...

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Shredded Root Beer Chicken Sandwiches

Shredded Root Beer Chicken Sandwiches We love this recipe for Shredded Root Beer Chicken Sandwiches here at the Marinate Me Baby Test kitchen. Why? Well, since you asked… it is simple. We love not being in the kitchen during hot summer months and having food taste like we spent hours just working our hind quarters off to make it delicious. We are such fans of Crock Pot cooking, that you will find several different ideas here on this website. However, if you only make one recipe, make this one. Chicken is awesome in a crock pot since it doesn’t...

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Crock Pot French Dip

Crock Pot French Dip We love our crock pot here at the Marinate Me Baby Test Kitchen. I feel it makes perfect meals almost 98% of the time. I recently made Crock Pot French Dips and folks, they were fantastic! If your family loves roast beef sandwiches in any form, this will be an over night success. The ingredients are pretty straight forward. I suggest that you purchase a roast when it is on sale, since it can be a little pricey. I also purchase my roast at the super mega-marts like Costco and Sam’s Club. Either way you...

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