If you have a family, then you also have a budget. We have five budget-friendly cuts of meat that you should be buying. Here are our favorites:

Short Ribs

Why? We think they taste a whole lot like steak, however, they are dramatically cheaper and are so easy so you won’t screw these up.

The flavor is spot on. They are tender and have a lot more flavor than some other cuts of beef. Why? Because they have the bone in it, so when you serve them, it has a nice look to it. Short ribs in our opinion eat like a steak, however, the price is a lot cheaper. They are easy to cook and that will put the newest cook at ease.


Why? We think it’s better than rib-eye and it’s about half the price.

Chuck-eye in the restaurant business is often called the chef’s secret because the price point to acquire it is about one-half of rib-eye, but it is actually a rib-eye. Yes, they are the exact same thing, but it’s just cut a little thinner – about an inch and a quarter. The reason is the butcher tries to get two out of them.

We like to cook it just like a ribeye – quickly on a very hot grill. Just a good kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper will do. Since it has great marbling that yields such amazing flavor, you don’t have to fuss with it whole lot. 


Why? This is just like a flank steak, however, you will find it’s cost about 30% cheaper!

The Flat-Iron steak is cut from the shoulder. The shoulder gets some work, so there is a good bit of marbling and thus it produces a very flavor filled cut. I particularly like to use the flat-iron steak when I am cooking for a group of friends. The grill is the key for this cut. Just kosher salt and black pepper and grill it to a mid-rare. To serve, just cut on the bias and you can serve it with amazing finishing sauces.

Hanger Steak

Why? Hanger steak is just like a tenderloin cut of beef, the win here is it’s about 50% cheaper every day!

The hanger steak literally ‘hangs’ from the diaphragm of the cow, near the animal’s kidneys. This muscle isn’t used, so as a result it’s really tender. We like to get a few of these hanger steaks, cut the membrane, this cleans things up and then tie them together, and cook them. Slicing them into small medallions can make a perfect meal.

Ground Brisket and Ground Short Ribs

Why? We feel that this combination tastes a whole bit better than the standard ground beef. This can also save you about 15% than actually buying the meat in its whole form.

The very best hamburgers in this world come from this mixture. It gives an incredible depth of flavor and has a better mouth feel when eating it when compared to ground beef.

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