This labor of love at Marinate Me Baby, is just that – labor.  I have met passionate friends, co-workers and contributors that have done so much for this website, this podcast and myself included. We discuss how change is inevitable and just how hard change is.  Danielle Edwards has been the embodiment of this from day one of her association here.

Danielle served as our Editor-In-Chief, resident mix-ologist, and all around fantastic co-host on our “Eat & Drink It” podcast.  Danielle did this for about a year, and did this for free.   You see, we run a very small operation and financial reward isn’t our primary drive – it’s you the fans, it’s the interaction and of course great pre-game meals.

It is with my regret that Danielle has chosen to move forward with her endeavors, and I for one want to thank her for everything she did.  I apologize for not being better at this and know that her endearing patience, and awesome professionalism will always be remembered and appreciated.  Thank you for everything and I am confident you will be awesome at what ever comes next!

Thank you…

You can continue to hear her brilliance on the TaxiSquadShow and of course follow her humor on Twitter @PitchedHalo13.

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