I first got my taste of Jake’s Over the Top as a young college student at Weber State University.  I could ride my bike over and grab a freshly hand spun shake that was as the name sake suggested over the top of the rim of the styrofoam and eat until my body tapped out in this food tag-team.

Jake’s was once a mighty food empire!  No, not that of McDonald’s or Burger King – there were three locations in Weber and North Davis Counties. Ogden, Roy and Layton once all had hosted franchises.  It was great being able to get massive shakes filled with fresh, quality and real ingredients.

Heath Caramel Regular Shake

Heath Caramel Regular Shake

Good News, the shakes are still great tasting, and Jake’s still uses fresh ingredients for their premium shake flavors.  There is however, a secondary less expensive shake flavor menu that is based on syrups & artificial flavorings – and this isn’t a bad thing or horrible as these flavorings are what your ‘other’ shake joints are using.

The Cheese Fries used to be huge and the Jake’s Sauce (basically the same thing as the Training Table’s Ultimate Dippings sauce of BBQ sauce with mayo mix) used to be free.  Now, the sauce is $0.60 so you do get the feeling that you are getting a little nicked & dime’d a bit.  This is the way most establishments are going, heck even McDonald’s charges you for Mac Sauce added to the dollar menu burgers there, so I think they may be just keeping up with the Jones’s.  Jake’s is still a nice change of pace from the standard shake joints out there, especially as again these premium shakes are still awesome as they are filled with large chunks of real banana and strawberry.

Strawberry, Banana and Cherry Cheese Cake

Strawberry, Banana and Cherry Cheese Cake

The shakes are still very large comparatively to Burger Stop in Layton.  This visit was a nice run down memory lane, however due to the distance, a return trip soon to Jake’s might be difficult.

Jake’s has an Ogden and Centerville Location.  For this visit, I visited the Ogden Location.

Jake’s Over the Top
1249 Country Hills Drive
Ogden, UT 84403
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