Spero’s is in Malad City, Idaho. Yes, we are in Idaho for what you think we are in Idaho for. We occasionally invest in our future $20 at a time, if you know what I mean.

Over the times, we have seen Sepro’s grow from the North side to the South side and due to its exclusivity on the BBQ market in Malad. They have grown.


I can’t tell if their popularity has risen as they have gotten closer to the Lottery selling locations, or is it solely based on their cuisine.

We purchased a few to try and here is my review.

The Pulled Pork was well seasoned and had a nice slaw.

On the recommendation of the owners wife we got her potato salad as a side. Now, this was a good potato salad – not an excellent potato salad. It for sure is better than a lot of them out there, but know that I have had better.


The Pork Rib Plate – yes, this is my 9 year old trying to be an adult. He loves ribs and his eyes are about 10 times bigger than his stomach. He needlessly didn’t finish this.

I found the beans and rice to be pedestrian. The Ribs were nicely done, they were tender – however they had very little smoke on them. So, I think Spero was either darn cold and didn’t smoke these for very long or he just made pretty good ribs from the comfort of his shack stove. Either way, they are good. However, like the rest of the food so far – it’s better than average.


This brings us to the Tri-Tip sandwich. This should be their signature dish! I found the meat to have a nice flavor and the toppings of onions and peppers to be very balanced.

The portion size was healthy and it was on a garlic bread loaf that really was nicely toasted, and provided the proper chew to the experience.


Now, let’s have an honest conversation here between friends. Malad City isn’t a short drive. We often have to coax my son into the car and provide him with an iPad or iPhone loaded with games for the at minimum 2.5 hour tour.

Who knows, Wyoming wants to get in on the Utah lottery winnings bonanza. Until Evanston, WY gets it together – and your are also making the drive up north, give Spero’s a try.


Spero’s House of BBQ
137 E 50 S
Malad City, ID 83252

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