The Spin Cafe is almost an anomaly for Heber City, Utah. Heber City is a city in transition. It has it’s farming heritage with deep roots in Country living and a self sustaining nature and it also serves to families who wish to escape the city and who commute into Provo or Salt Lake City for work.

This dichotomy was not lost when I stumbled on this joint in the midst of a trip to Thomas the Train for my then 4 year old son and 14 year old daughter. On the first visit, we were not blown away. However, upon our revisit we have seen vast improvement in the cuisine and the photo’s reflect that visit.

This establishment had a converted home to business feel, while still having all the comforts of a commercial establishment. It is very clean while still maintaining a retro (my term) theme. This had a very upscale diner/cafe feel that is in my mind at home with Heber City’s bi-polar culture.

Spin Cafe (1)

The service was attentive, and prompt. We ordered the Spin Burger and the Miss Piggy (No Longer on their Current Menu)

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2012-06-23 12.47.17

The Prices are not outrageous. The meat on our dishes were smoked well. The flavor was well developed, and the dishes were balanced. Things that generally the home cook will not be able to do. So as a result, the residents and the occasional traveler will find something they cannot easily re-create at home.

Sandwiches are about $13, Entree’s are about $16.


One for sure addition to the Spin Cafe is their Gelato. This is fore sure a signature item and an nice treat on a summer day. They make their Gelato daily, from scratch. The flavors change, the serving size is nice and lets you perceive your getting a value. A large serving is $7 and you can get up to 3 flavors.

The downside is it is a drive to get here just for lunch or dinner. So, if your in Park City – take the extra 20 minute drive to Heber City and check this local joint out.

Spin Cafe
220 N Main Street
Heber City, UT 84032

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