This year’s family reunion is over. Like your family, we all take a little break when the temperature rises over 90º F.

This year July has seen temps rise over the century mark – giving children and their parents very little chances of reprieve. Other than everyone being in the house at the same time to escape the Sun’s energy zapping rays. And, as you might guess – that doesn’t solve anything.

This weekend was my wife’s family reunion. Two days of swimming, cousins, playing and my son having a blast.

I am grateful that Cindy’s parents have welcomed me in the family and continue to do so – even after 18 years of being married to their daughter. I wasn’t sure how grateful I was, until Saturday afternoon – when the reunion was over.

You see, my son griped and complained about leaving the reunion. “I don’t want to leave”

As soon as he gets in the car, what does he do? ZONK! Yep, sound asleep.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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