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Steakhouses, yes they are pretty much my favorite type of establishments. Every culture has them, and when that beef hits the grill at that heat – my heart gets to fluttering and my tastebuds to watering. I know you you love the beef, or why else are your reading this review of a Steakhouse? It’s ok, settle in and grab your favorite beverage and I will walk you through Longhorn Steakhouse.


Longhorn to start is a corporate establishment. They are owned by Darden group. Now, if your not familiar with them, don’t worry – you most likely have eaten at their flagship Italian themed chain: Olive Garden. That’s right – when you think of Longhorn and experience it, it is a commercialized version of a West Texas Steakhouse. This isn’t to turn your nose up, not in the least. There are things that they do very well, and there are somethings you need to be aware of. Let me provide you with the primer:

Stick to the Basics:

My rule of thumb is, restaurants generally get started on a basic theme or a signature dish. They likely do this type of dish very well. Longhorn is a steak joint – as a result stick to the steaks. Don’t venture off into some vegetarian option or chicken. It might be good – I have found that inconsistent
plates arise when you start to venture off their main purpose in life.

Chains Like to Change it Up:

This, I believe is something you and I – the John Q Public are to blame for. Our attention, media driven tastebuds. They track their bottom line from an profitability stand point, so if you are attached to a particular menu item because of it’s unique or ‘different’ flavor profile – it’s highly likely they will make it a ‘seasonal’ based item or ’86 it all together. So, what I am saying is be patient and try new things.

I recommend the following:

  • Side Salad: It’s a healthy option and a great way to get your vegetables in – come on you know you need it.  I am particularly fond of their Pepper Grinder – it gives a rustic grind that is particularly tasty with their blue cheese dressing.


  • Rancher’s Sirloin: Topped with bacon, sunny side up egg & bordeliase sauce.  With being said, those of you who love a runny egg should get this.  Those of you that are like me that think a runny egg is like – well gross.  They do not do an over hard egg very well.  I suggest you order a different steak and get the bordeliase sauce as a side.  The sauce is what makes that steak!
  • Outlaw Ribeye ®: Yes, its a registered trademark – however, this is very good and with the bordeliase sauce I recommended – you will LOVE IT!


Now, with all that I shared with you regarding sticking to the basics with ordering from the theme of the restaurant – throw that out the window for this dessert:  Salted Caramel Cake!


Sadly, this is a ‘Seasonal” menu item.  I raise my fist to the air every time when they tell me, not yet.  When it is on the menu – get it.

LongHorn Steakhouse
3647 Wall Avenue
Ogden, UT 84401

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