This is about America

This blog is usually about our twisted obsession about food. However, there are times in which we as humans must stop and remember historical events, and the beauty of our humanity that generally rises as a result of these historical events.

In the 60′s we had Martin Luther King, JFK and the civil rights movement. Children trying to go to school that was equal to other children. In our history classes we learned through our glasses we wear today, with our reality of non-segregated class rooms and think, “Why would they prevent those kids from getting an education?”

History’s gaze can be cruel 10, 15 plus years out from an event. I think we can all remember what we were doing, when those planes plunged into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and that Pennsylvania field. The horror, the fear that held this country for those first few hours was crippling. We cried as a nation, we saw the carnage. Then we heard the stories of heroism. Firefighters, Police – regular men and women running into the fire to save others.

April 15th marked a great food city, a great sports city will forever change as it relates to security performed for the Marathon. However, appropriate enough – Patriot’s Day truly showed us that our fellow country men and women are American’s first, second and last. The heroes who scooped up the victims and running them to the hospital – those pictures are reassuring to me that we have not lost our humanity, we have not given into the terrorists that plan these events.

Wednesday, the Boston Bruins of the NHL hosted their game – I will let you experience the event below. USA!

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