Bangkok Garden isn’t the flashy Asian dining establishment. You will notice this on entering the establishment. The location is basically adorned with decoration. However, it is very clean. The service staff, is very attentive and always trying to take care of you and ask about how your experience is going.

Bangkok Garden offers a choice between Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

I have dined here on two occasions. One on New Years Day & on Valentines day.

New Years day, there were maybe 5-6 patrons max. The service was prompt, and the food tasted yummy.

I had the bowl of Pho pictured above. All of the meat and seafood was at the correct temperature and the Pho had a very good broth. It was a very satisfying Pho. Now, full disclosure here. It was a very cold day in Ogden and we were frozen to the bone.

So, we made reservations with my in-laws on Valentines day. Notably the place was filled, but not over capacity. They did a nice job spacing the reservations for the seats they had. However, they did not have sufficiently trained wait staff, and based on the timing of the dishes – there was one or two people working the kitchen. 4 out 5 people would receive their entree’s and the wait on the 5th was another 10-15 minutes. This is a clear indication that either the wait staff failed to put the order in, or the cook forgot to make it.

The Manager was terribly kind, and apologetic for the mistake – and was as I could determine trying to resolve the error.

My travels generally have me heading south to Salt Lake City, and as such I have not made a return trip to Bangkok since Valentines Day. It is notable that the dishes were not so compelling to list this as a ‘can’t miss’. So, if your in Ogden and cold – you should give this place a try.

Bangkok Garden Restaurant
2426 Grant Ave
Ogden, UT 84401

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