Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives of the FoodTV Network Fame alerted me to this little nugget a couple of years ago when I had been working in the Sugar House section of Salt Lake City.


I have visited this joint twice and both times – the service has been good. However, the food is why you go – and on both occasions – it didn’t disappoint. While the original post was both a breakfast and a lunch menu review – the 2nd visit was with my wife and we had a breakfast.


You should visit this joint for all three – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as they have weekday specials – and for the size of the portions, you and your significant other could share a dish – or take one home and have lunch for work the next day.


This is a grab a menu and sit where you can find a seat-type of joint. I recommend that you go in expecting very good food – and you will find it. Go in expecting fine dining… the table cloth, the impeccable pomp and circumstance with fine dining – this isn’t that joint.

This joint is in a college area, and your going to see tattoos – your going to see a variety of cultures mix here. That is part of this joints charm. I hope you like it as we did. Enjoy!

2041 S 2100 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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