I was originally driving to find Divine Fish House – and when I approached, I saw Flo’s with a big sign that said they were open. I remarked, that place looks a little interesting. Well, I drove down to Divine and low and behold, there were no signs that they were open. Now, here in Myrtle Beach – if you haven’t been here – it is very much a tourist driven economy.

Last time I was here, late November – establishments actually had closed for the season and welcoming patrons to return in the spring. Well, this time is at spring break – and the volume of travelers are drastically up to this part of the state. My hope was that these places of note were open. Well, I could tell that Divine didn’t invest in a sign that said ‘OPEN’.

So, I returned back to Flo’s. Wow – Flo’s is stuck in Mardi Gras. With beads streaming from one wall to the other, and I think they have every old time sign on the wall. The view there, is quite amazing however – and I enjoyed sitting there eating dinner.


Most folks have a nice fish place down here, and Flo’s seemed to be that of a few seasoned South Carolinian’s. I observed a lot of folks that were plus 60 were the regular patrons of this place, and the staff new them by name and asked if they would like to have their ‘regular’. This often surrounded red beans and rice.


I ordered the grilled fish plate, and it came with white rice, with flounder, cod and shrimp. It also had two sides and I went with coleslaw and green beans. The Green beans were very good, and they had remnants of ham hock in the mix – and with a little green hot sauce – they were killer.


I also have to recommend the coleslaw, with a little salt and pepper and the coleslaw came alive. Now the fish, the fish couldn’t have been more buttery, and it was seasoned fairly well. I did add the green hot sauce that was on the table, and with a little salt – it started to take a new life.

With this place as well as some of the locations here in Myrtle Beach – they have been afraid to season their food. It may be that they might get it sent back if its too aggressively seasoned.

Overall, I would say this is a good place to come to if you cannot get into the other places, the decorations can be a little odd. The staff is very nice, and the food is pretty good. Not Fine Dining – but Good Family dining and that isn’t half bad.

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3797 Highway 17 Business
Murrles Inlet, SC 29576

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