Brixton’s is not the typical establishment that we normally review. Why? Well, it smacks of a franchise concept – and franchises in our mind blow. I mean you can get this stuff anywhere. Think about it, would any self respecting food critic review McDonalds?

However, my wife does business with the owner – so I said I would review it. However, I pull no punches with my review. So, here it goes:

We arrived during the first few weeks of this establishment being open. As a result, I am sure that some of the kinks in starting a new business had not been worked out. Here are the con’s of this location:

  • Parking
  • Seating
  • Prices
  • Taste
  • Wait Time

Parking isn’t easy in a mixed use facility as the Junction in Ogden. Unless you park in the massive structure that is designed to service the dinner and a movie ambiance and walk the 1/4 mile to Brixton’s. This parking relationship doesn’t serve the dine and dash approach of this place.

I am sure that it may be a hit for the walk up crowd that are prevalent in Downtown Ogden. So, good for local walking traffic, not for the commuter coming in for a dining experience.

Seating is at a premium. At the time of this review, there were very limited seats and they were drastically inadequate. The line for ordering meandered in the midst of the seating, people were bumping up against each other. The traffic could have been laid out better.

Price and Taste to me go hand in hand. If you have a blow-my-socks type flavor profile, then you can charge as much as you wish. If your serving up home made tastes and charging a premium for it, well then your just ripping the public off. When American’s go out to dinner, they deserve something that they cannot reproduce in their homes.

Value must equate with taste. Brixton’s needs serious help in this department.


We Ordered the following:

  • Pulled Pork
  • Pot Roast
  • Kid’s Pepperoni Potato Pizza

My wife had the Pulled Pork and she enjoyed this. My son ordered the Pepperoni Potato Pizza and he did not enjoy this. I ordered the Pot Roast and it was drastically under seasoned.


Wait Time. When your ordering something as simple as a baked potato it shouldn’t take 7 minutes to dress the thing. Let’s walk through their process:

  • An employee grabs a potato from a series of warming ovens (prepared potatoes – hard to get around this)
  • This same employee unwraps the potato from the tinfoil, meticulasly (I appreciate that to a degree, since eating tinfoil is not good eats)
  • Then asked if  you would like it Traditional, Sliced or Smashed:  Hint if your in a rush go Traditional.  I asked for Smashed – literally this guy took 2 minutes to perform this task.
  • Then the employee slides it to the next stage to add the toppings
  • Finally your asked to pull out a wad of cash for this slow, tasteless product
  • This dinner cost me $22.50 – 3 baked potatoes…


This place has Apple Beer in their fountain dispenser.


  • You can do a better and more consistent job baking your own potatoes at home and placing your own “toppings” on them.
  • This is a restaurant designed to be a franchise, I mean I get people wan’t to make money – but the whole concept is a bit off putting.  I would recommend that they take it off the website.  Build your base first, then once your wildly successful, then think global domination.  Just don’t sacrifice taste, value and service to corporate profits.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 7.08.31 AM

Anyway, that is my review – you can make up your own. 😀

Brixton’s Baked Potato
2386 Kiesel Ave
Ogden, UT 84401

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