The Sugarhouse BBQ Company serves Memphis style barbecue with some Cajun specialties.  What is Memphis style BBQ?  It is mainly made using pork, usually ribs and shoulders (many serve beef and chicken).  Memphis-style is slow cooked in a pit and can be prepared dry or wet.

This place is kid friendly, has live music and outdoor dining (in good weather).

The portions are generous and you can get a great stacked sandwich for about $8 to a full rack of ribs for $20. It is affordable, tasty and you will get your fill. The menu is full of tasty treats. Here are a few of our favorites:

Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich (Picture Above)

Carolina Pulled Pork


The Carolina Pulled Pork is served dry.  The provide you with the Carolina sauce – and at the table there is a whole host of other sauces.  Their Carolina sauce is very good.

Memphis Style Ribs


Cherry Wood Smoked Wings


Hands down, this is the signature.  I love their other offerings – however – I could order 50 of these wings and just be in BBQ heaven.  They smoke these suckers over Cherry Wood (I know duh!), however the flavor that cherry wood imparts – oooooh it’s good.  The chicken wing’s fat has been almost rendered out – so you get a crispy, meaty bite.  It had a crunch reminiscent of a deep fried wing.

Get your hind quarters to Sugarhouse BBQ Company.

Sugarhouse BBQ Company
880 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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