It is essential that you choose the right equipment that will help you deliver the best possible results. Remember, what your parent’s always told you, “the right tool for the right job!

Buy what you can afford. If you cannot afford the luxury edition – make sure you buy good quality. Trust me, a few good quality pans will substitute for quantity in cheap pans.

1. Choose a Container for your Brine or Marinade:

You will need a container that is non-reactive that is large enough to hold what you want to brine/marinade. This is what I stick with:

  • Ziploc or Food Saver bags: 1 to 2 gallon sizes as well as big bags XL
  • Coolers: Small to Large insulated ice chests
  • Plastic Buckets: Bulk food buckets, or non-food buckets that are lined with a food safe bag like a turkey roasting bag would work.
  • Pots: Stainless steal only – (aluminum is a reactive metal – don’t want your food to taste like metal)
  • Bowls: Glass, Ceramic, or stainless (note above point)
  • Food Service Containers: Rubbermaid and Cambro make good food grade containers that you can obtain from a restaurant supply store.

I find the best tool in the kitchen is a vacuum sealed container. I use the Magic Vac that my wife got years ago from Kitchen Kneads – however any vacuum equipment would suffice. Now, the question needs to be asked why Vacuums?

  • They freeze well.
  • Improve and speed the marination time.

After all – it is all about the time we save in food prep that we can spend with the family.

Items to avoid:

  • Garbage bags
  • Plastic containers not intended for food use (i.e. Laundry detergent buckets)

Always to remember when choosing your container of choice – you need to consider the size of meat you are going to brine/marinate. In order for the brine/marinade to do its magic it must be completely submerged in the solution. Heavy weights work to help keep the meat from floating in a solution like a brine and Marinades require turning if you can’t get the item submerged.

2. Choosing proper Roasting Equipment:

Now that you have brined or marinated your piece of prime protien (say that 5 times fast) – you need to have the right equipment to roast in the oven. I feel that is is essential that you concider the following when choosing the right roasting pan:

  • Non-stick Surfaces – easier for clean up, and creating those brown
  • Handles – are they cast, large enough to grip comfortably with pot holders and still strong enough to lift heavy objects?
  • Material – Anodized Aluminum
  • High Roasting temps – Does your potential roaster go up to 500°F? It should.
  • Washing – I prefer the hand washed – however if you rely on a dishwasher other than your spouse you should consider a dishwasher safe version.

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