Folks, there very few chain reviews here at Marinate Me Baby.  And, that is for a reason.  However, there are times when a chain of establishments have done such a superb job, they deserve mention. Capriotti’s is just such an establishment and once you have had one of their signature subs – these guys are good! I am not responsible if you become addicted. Fair Warning.


Now, let’s first talk about the size of these sandwiches. You can order a 9″ (yes that’s the small), 12″ or a 20″ roll – these are some serious sized sammies. My advise after you see the size, order the 20″ if you plan to share – i.e. you and a loved one get 10″ – so slightly bigger than the small but not as big as the med.

I recommend 5 sandwiches.

The Bobbie®:  Homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo


SlawBeJoe®:  Roastbeef, Provolone Cheese, Russian Dressing and Cole Slaw


Capastrami®: Hot Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Russian Dressing and Cole Slaw


Cheese Steak: Grilled Steak, melted American Cheese and mushrooms, onions and hot peppers


Italian: Deli Meats genoa salami, capacolla and prosciutini

Italian Hogie

There are Capriotti’s in 14 States. My visits were in Las Vegas and Henderson NV.  I recommend you familiarize yourself with this place.  I won’t pretend to be un-biased – this is a slam  dunk winner, winner, sub sandwich dinner!

Check their website for exact locations at:

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